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Uno Straordinario Viaggio nella Forza Espressiva della Maschera e del Corpo, con Sandra Cavallini. Eccezionale e raccomandato. Preferibile prenotarsi a :

An Extraordinary Trip through the Expressive Strength of the Mask and the Body with Sandra Cavallini. Exceptional and highly Recommended. If you want to partake in this experience please register until the 7th of July:

We are going to work with the art of the mask and explorations, comical masks, sounds and half words. Thousands of ways to begin your play and follow the play of others. The body on the scene – the space on stage and on the inner stage.

The comic mask is an extraordinary expressive tool that calls for the overcoming of the literary rigor in favor of a composition of the body, gesture, breath and vocal expressiveness. The comic mask takes us into the natural, into the simple, into the instinctive, into the irrational: a joyous and crazy under wood that returns creativity and generates energy.

– you will get physical strenght for your play
– widen your instinct and consciousness about your body language
– usage of the body to construct and form a character

Student, assistant and actress with Antonio Fava (RE) from 1988 to ’92 and assistant in gestures in Italy and in the International Scene of Commedia dell’Arte. Since 1996 she has been conducting the Permanent Comic Laboratory (masks of De Marchi) and stands out in her interpretation and research on female masks. He has played with Solenghi and Micheli 2009 – 2013 and is an actress and co-author of ’Variations on the sky’ with Margherita Hack

– an expressive and technical approach to the comic mask;
– masks of tradition: the fixed types, the archetypes of the Commedia dell’Arte;
– female masks: the forbidden languages of the grotesque;
– multilingualism and mask, the languages of the profund.

Price: 290 euros (three days of course ex. meals). Description closes on the 7th of July.

There are limited places on the course.

The course language is Italian with translation into English and Danish.

For more information and inscription:

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